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Erasing the signs of early aging from the inside out

Hello again readers! Our blog is back up once more, after a bit of a hiatus. You might of noticed that we have a new look to our website, as well as an all new WebShop featuring our Signature Herbal Tea Blends.

You know, when I was a kid sitting is the school classroom, time stood still. Now it seems the day is practically over before it gets started. Time is never on our side. Today we are bombarded by all kinds of stressors that put a whack job on our bodies. One of the many side effects of stress and trauma is the production of excess cortisol which increases collagen breakdown and decreases bone building and bone density. We begin to look our age! When you have high levels of collagen, your skin is smooth, moist, and firm. As collagen breaks down, we tend to wrinkle in the most unkind locations.

Besides stress, there are other environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors affect your body’s production and speed up the loss of collagen, impacting the overall youthfulness of your skin, joints, bones, and muscles, and even gut health.

So how can you reduce your losses and start rebuilding the collagen in your skin, hair, nails, organs, bones, joints, tendons, and blood vessels? Begin with a good diet, clean water, stretching and exercise, sleep, and sensible sun exposure, which all play important roles in supporting healthy levels of collagen throughout your body.

Back in the old’en days, we made good use of all the parts of the animal, and would simmer everything in a kettle for awhile to create a nutrient-dense, flavorful bone broth or stock.

Simmering bones and the surrounding joint and connective tissues releases collagen, turning it into a gelatin. Bone broth is one of the best sources of collagen, and is fast becoming recognized as an incredibly healthy superfood. Beef bone broth contains abundant Types I, II, and III collagen as well as other types that are key components in your skin, nails, hair, tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, joints, gut, and blood vessels.

You need certain amino acids, such as glycine, proline, glutamine, lysine, arginine, and hydroxyproline, to produce the different types of collagen in your body, and bone broth provides them all. These amino acids are behind collagen’s many benefits in supporting your skin health, joints and bones, gastrointestinal tract, muscles, and more. Plus, bone broth contains easily absorbed minerals that support collagen production like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, and potassium.

“But I’m not a caveman, I don’t really like the smell or enjoy the taste of bone broth! Besides, I don’t have the 48 hours to make it.”

Collagen supplements are a neat and clean way to get the benefits of bone broth. Organic and grass-fed is a must-have with bone broth collagen products. If you’re purchasing soup bones, bone broth or collagen products, know the source.

Many collagen products on the market are not from organically raised animals, but instead sourced from concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs. These factory-farmed animal products are undesirable for many reasons, so if you’ve already started making the switch away from eating CAFO meats, it only makes sense to start using bone broth collagen made from Grass-Fed, pastured animals.

I’m Vegan. What do I do?

Since collagen is a protein that primarily comes from our bovine friends, people who are Vegan want a supplement that adheres to their values while providing them with the benefits of collagen. Or if you want to reduce your meat consumption or are concerned about the toxins that are prevalent in some of these powders, a collagen builder is a great alternative.

Two collagen building supplements that we like here at A Moveable Feast are BioSil Advanced Collagen Generator and Hyalogic HA Collagen Builder

BioSil is a uniquely effective complex that activates the body's production of collagen, elastin, and keratin. It also protects existing collagen and elastin from damage.

Clinical trials have found that taking BioSil has noticeable effects all over the body, including skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones.†

BioSil is a complex of two components: orthosilicic acid (OSA): the biologically active form of silicon and choline (ch): an essential nutrient that neutralizes collagen-destroying homocysteine and helps regulate cortisol

When combined together in BioSil, these two components, ch-OSA, stabilize each other for optimal absorption into collagen-producing cells

Another collagen building supplement we like is Hyalogic HA Collagen Builder

As we've learned, collagen diminishes with age. Rather than consume collagen to compensate for its decline, consider supporting your body’s natural collagen production. That’s why HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Collagen Builder’s unique combination of carefully selected nutrients supports collagen production and vitality.

Hyaluronic Acid has an excellent potential for a wide range of applications, which comprise much more than the facial treatments with which it is typically associated. Its wide applicability is due to its distinctive biophysical properties, which give it enormous potential.

The fact that HA is found in virtually all cell types is indicative of its biological advantages, ranging from its mechanical and swelling properties to lubrification, tissue regeneration and hydration.

So next time you visit A Moveable Feast, please stop and check out our stock of collagen and collagen building supplements.

Blessings to all my readers,


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