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Chicken Tomatillo Platter


Grilled chicken breast topped with tomatillo salsa, jack cheese, and sliced avocado. Served with black beans, Spanish rice, pico de gallo.


Pesto Shrimp and Linguine Pasta


Grilled shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, sautéed in our delicious house-made pesto sauce. Topped with Parmesan cheese and served with a wheat baguette.


Soup Of The Day

Chicken Vegetable


Red Curry Vegetable

(wheat & dairy-free, Vegan) *Contains Coconut Milk*

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Irish Moss, Dried Raw Purple, Packaged


This Wild-crafted seaweed is harvested and dried during the months of April - October, so you can expect some very tender and fresh early spring sea moss fronds - straight from the rocks and beds of the North Atlantic. All the Chondrus crispus is hard harvested, cleaned and dried by local wildcrafters in Maine.

Colors: dark red, maroon, wine colored; black when dried.

Irish Moss, Chondrus crispus, is pictured here in it's hydrated state.

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